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Errors in gdb6.4 "incomplete CFI data" and "const value length mismatch"

I am using gdb 6.4. I get a lot of errors like

During symbol reading, incomplete CFI data; unspecified registers (e.g., rax) at 0x1452fa.

I also get errors like

During symbol reading, const value length mismatch for '<some symbol>', got 8, expected 0.

From reference to earlier discussions on this issue, I noticed that
complaints is set to 1 in .gdbinit.
I set it to 0 and these warning messages disappeared.

I had two questions in this regard :

1. Is it a wise thing to set complaints to 0 ?
Setting it to a huge value like "set complaints 20" gives me a huge set of the above warnings.

2. Can you let me know the exact cause for why the second warning message appears namely
"during symbol reading, const value length...". I assume that the first set of warnings related to CFI data is because registers if not specified are incorrectly assumed as undefined.


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