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Support for PPC405 / PPC440 registers

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I recently tried to debug an embedded IBM PowerPC 405 and 440 over JTAG.
The necessary GDB stub was written by myself (unfortunately using
confidential information, so I won't be able to publish it).

When trying to display the contents of the processor's registers I
noticed only the PPC403 register layout was included in the standard GDB
distribution. As the registers of the different processors in the
4xx-series differ, I tried to modify GDB and BFD to handle the registers
of the additional processors. The following files were changed:

- - bfd/cpu-powerpc: Added definitions for the additional processors in
the struct 'bfd_powerpc_archs'
- - bfd/archures.c: Added processors in 'bfd_architecture'
- - gdb/ppc-tdep.h: Added SPR numbers for new registers
- - gdb/rs6000-tdep.c: Added processors to the struct 'variants' and
created appropriate 'static const struct reg registers_...' entries with
the available registers

After that the registers showed up and could be used after setting the
new processors with "set architecture".

Question 1: What did I destroy by doing this?
Question 2: Would a patch to add support for these processors be useful?
What else should be done before even thinking about doing so?

- --
Ignaz Forster <>
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