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GDB infinite loop when stepping on "while (1) i++;"

Dears, problems are here:

gcc -o t -gdwarf-2 tp_while1.c
gdb t
(gdb) b main
Breakpoint 1 at 0x8048350: file tp_while1.c, line 3.
(gdb) r
Starting program: /home/qinwei/GJ283/code/build_linux/debug-gdb/t 

Breakpoint 1, main () at tp_while1.c:3
3         int i = 10;
(gdb) n
4         while (1) i++;
(gdb) n

When program stops at "while (1) i++;", and printing "next" command will 
cause gdb infinite loop. 
The target are x86, score, or other? (gdb-6.6 release version)

Is the reason that the following dwarf-2 info:

  "Special opcode 104: advance Address by 7 to 0x8048357 and Line by 1 to 
  "Advance PC by 7 to 804835e"

which makes "while (1)" and "i++;" the same line number? And gdb will get
"stop_pc" from the range [0x8048357, 0x804835e] and will not stop?
How to solve it?  Thanks!

int main (void)
  int i = 10; 
  while (1) i++;
  return 0;

 Line Number Statements:
  Extended opcode 2: set Address to 0x8048334
  Special opcode 6: advance Address by 0 to 0x8048334 and Line by 1 to 2
  Advance PC by constant 17 to 0x8048345
  Special opcode 160: advance Address by 11 to 0x8048350 and Line by 1 to 
  Special opcode 104: advance Address by 7 to 0x8048357 and Line by 1 to 4
  Advance PC by 7 to 804835e 
  Extended opcode 1: End of Sequence

08048334 <main>:
 8048334:   55                      push   %ebp
 8048335:   89 e5                   mov    %esp,%ebp
 8048337:   83 ec 08                sub    $0x8,%esp
 804833a:   83 e4 f0                and    $0xfffffff0,%esp
 804833d:   b8 00 00 00 00          mov    $0x0,%eax
 8048342:   83 c0 0f                add    $0xf,%eax
 8048345:   83 c0 0f                add    $0xf,%eax
 8048348:   c1 e8 04                shr    $0x4,%eax
 804834b:   c1 e0 04                shl    $0x4,%eax
 804834e:   29 c4                   sub    %eax,%esp
 8048350:   c7 45 fc 0a 00 00 00    movl   $0xa,0xfffffffc(%ebp)
 8048357:   8d 45 fc                lea    0xfffffffc(%ebp),%eax
 804835a:   ff 00                   incl   (%eax)
 804835c:   eb f9                   jmp    8048357 <main+0x23>
 804835e:   90                      nop
 804835f:   90                      nop

Best regards,
Phone +86-010-62981668-2708
Fax   +86-010-62985972

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