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Re: Bugzilla

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 08:59:47AM +0100, Sascha Radike wrote:
> Hi,
> is there any date planned for switching to bugzilla? I think this would be
> very helpful as bugzilla is just much more comfortable than the current bug
> tracker. 
> I don't know if it is possible to migrate from gnatsweb to bugzilla, but I
> guess a simple solution would be to mark the gnatsweb as 'old' and setup a
> new, fresh bugzilla. Maybe it is possible to send out a message to all users
> who raised a bug and ask them to add their bug to bugzilla if the bug still
> exists. Bugs being addressed for the next release could also be moved to
> bugzilla.
> I think it would be an improvement to the GDB project.

We meant to do it ages ago.  I was actually thinking about it again
last night...

We can automatically migrate bugs to bugzilla.  My understanding is
that the only reasonable way to do it is to add ourselves to the bugzilla instance, which will renumber all the PRs.
But we should be able to keep the old gnats around for read access

Do other people think the time has come to switch over?  If so I can
make time to get it done, but otherwise I have plenty of other
projects ;-)

Daniel Jacobowitz

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