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Re: Re: [sparc-solaris] unexpected warning when starting program

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 10:16:46PM -0700, Joel Brobecker wrote:
Basically, the reason for the warning is that GDB thinks that the
inferior unloaded The reason for that is that, during startup,
GDB does not immediately have access to base address of the dynamic
linker structs. I suspect that this is because our real inferior
hasn't been forked yet, or maybe is in the process of being forked.
I haven't had time to look further into this.

It's because you've forked, but the dynamic linker has not run yet. This is code I added recently. The first time, we get the name of the dynamic linker from the contents of .interp. Later, after it's run, we get it from the inferior's link_map list.

Maybe a gdbarch hook to override the name of the default dynamic
linker? That's really bizarre though. Maybe the OpenSolaris sources
give some insight to how it came up with /lib/

This "unexpected warning" is also the one that causes the TUI to crash under Solaris.
See the thread "TUI + gdbserver broken?" at url :

Removing that warning (I've tried that as well) will remove that problem too, but it's only a side effect. I think we should fix both separately but when you'll have removed think warning, the TUI bug will become invisible.


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