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Re: TUI + gdbserver broken?

Daniel Jacobowitz escreveu:
On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 12:55:40AM +0000, Pedro Alves wrote:
Could this still be related to the recent get_selected_frame

I doubt it.

But it is. Going back to cvs before the following patch fixes both problems I see on Cygwin.

2007-02-27 Daniel Jacobowitz <>

   * frame.c (deprecated_selected_frame): Rename to...
   (selected_frame): ...this.  Make static.
   (get_selected_frame, select_frame): Update.
   * frame.h (deprected_select_frame): Delete.
   (deprecated_safe_get_selected_frame): Update comments.

   * breakpoint.c, cli/cli-cmds.c, f-valprint.c, infcmd.c, inflow.c,
   infrun.c, stack.c, tui/tui-disasm.c, tui/tui-source.c,
   tui/tui-winsource.c, valops.c, varobj.c, findvar.c, macroscope.c,
   parse.c, regcache.h, sh64-tdep.c, tui/tui-hooks.c, tui/tui-win.c,
   tui/tui.c: Replace references to deprecated_selected_frame.

(gdb) c
Remote communication error: Software caused connection abort.

I recommend set debug remote. What does gdbserver do when this happens?

It ends successfully. I'm out of time for today to look further.

Pedro Alves

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