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Re: GDB (mis)behavior depends on DWARF DW_TAG_compile_unit data

On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 01:33:45PM -0700, Maxim Grigoriev wrote:
> Hello members,
> I would like to hear your opinion on whether what I see is a compiler 
> problem or a GDB misbehavior.
> GDB session goes wrong, if my test case is compiled using a base name as a 
> source file. Everything is fine, when an absolute path name is used 
> instead. I checked several compilers ( all GCCs ). They seem to be 
> consistent in generating DWARF DW_TAG_compile_unit information in this case.
> Anyway, even if GDB treats this situation as a bad DWARF data it doesn't 
> look decent to output misleading error messages, like 'No line 6 in file 
> "test.c".', when there actually is the line number 6, and the test case was 
> compiled with "-g".

There must be more to the problem, since many people do this all the
time without any trouble.  GDB has support for both cases.  What
platform - is this Cygwin maybe?  Is there any other test.c that GDB
might be opening?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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