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Re: Debugging glibc crashes with GDB

gdb version: 6.6
glibc version: 2.5
ARCH: PXA270 (xscale)
Linux Version: 2.6.20 (Distro: OpenEmbedded)
Shane (Co-employee with Rich)

On 3/11/07, Mark Kettenis <> wrote:
> Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 14:04:41 -0400
> From: "Rich Rattanni" <>
> Below you will find the GDB output related to my question.  My problem
> is that when I try to debug a program after receiving a glibc abort
> error (MALLOC_CHECK = 2) I cannot backtrace the program to find out
> what piece of my application caused the problem.  I can see the call
> to raise and abort, but then I get the error message "Backtrace
> stopped:
> frame did not save the PC".  Could this be due to code compiled with
> the -fomit-frame-pointers options.  I am really pulling my hair out
> over this one, any guidance or suggests would be vastly appreciated.
> If further forensic info is required just ask.  Thanks in advance.
> Note: I can switch the thread I am in and view other stack backtraces
> with no problem.

We need more information to help you.  What version of gdb are you
using?  On what machine architecture?  What version of glibc is this?
What flavour of Linux are you using?

Registered Linux User: #293401

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