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Antwort: Re: relocations when doing file command at gdb prompt

> Actually, ET_DYN is not quite either.  It's more like a linked program
> for the purpose of my question.
Yes. Actually only the .plt .text and .data section find their way to the 
target device.

> So, it's relocated already, but the relocations are still present.
> No wonder GDB is doubling them.
> ...
> I don't see how we can sensibly distinguish the two cases.  What
> toolchain produced this file?
GCC, but with -Wl,-q,-shared,-T,"YYY.x", i.e shared and with modified 
linker script, and the relocation info is kept because of a 
post-processing using it.

This means there is no way to avoid the doubling and still keep the .rel 
sections without changing GDB code, doesn't it?
Interesting that even
        (gdb)add-symbol-file NewProgram.out 0 -s data 0
        (gdb)info line 29
yields a wrong address.
In objfiles.c/objfile_relocate/(line 552) l->item[i].pc based on 0 would 
be very fine, because ANOFFSET (objfile->section_offsets, i) (line 529) 
turns out to be 0.
Strange that these two don't fit together.

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