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Re: Remote Debugging of a multithreaded application question

On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 12:18:23PM -0800, Jaffer, Bobby wrote:
> Question:
> I am trying to debug a multithreaded application on a remote linux
> machine from a cygwin environment.  I start the gdbserver on the remote
> linux machine.  I then run gdb on cygwin and attach to the gdbserver.  I
> then can set a break point anywhere in the source code.  But, if I set a
> break point in a function that executes outside the main thread, gdb
> will not stop at the break point when gdb runs the executable.  And an
> error message shows on the gdbserver side.  Specifically, it says "Child
> terminated with signal = 5".  The gdbserver then quits at this point.
> Why can't gdb debug the other threads in the application?
> My setup:   Remote machine is running open suse 10.2 linux.  Windows
> machine is running cygwin.

Please see the latest GDB manual, which has a section describing this.
It sounds like either you do not have solib-absolute-prefix set, or
you do not have the same libraries available in both systems.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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