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Re: Disabling breakpoints does not work if rejected from remotestub

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 08:38 +0100, Sascha wrote:
> Hi
> >>However, the more serious error is that at this point, the
> "run" (or "step") command is aborted, returning to the gdb
> prompt, but without removing the breakpoints.  The error handling
> code at this point ought to remove all of the breakpoints that
> have been inserted.
> I guess GDB does not have to remove the breakpoints at that point - as long
> as it will remember them later on.

No, that's not how gdb works (unles there's a change that I
don't know about).  We don't leave 'em in, we always remove 'em.

>  You simply have to compare the "DELETE
> BP1/BP2" section and the "DISABLE BP1/BP2" section in the log.
> _Deleting_ the breakpoints causes GDB to send the required "z0" (bp remove)
> packets for those breakpoints which have been inserted already.
> _Disabling_ the breakpoints does nothing. No "z0" packets were send to the
> stub.

That's odd.  Doesn't sound right.
> So I guess the fix is to make GDB send the required z0 packets for disabled
> breakpoints - just like it does for deleted breakpoints. 

Could be.

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