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Re: [SPAM] Re: gdbserver-6.6 threading support

Jon Ringle wrote:
Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 12:22:29PM -0500, Jon Ringle wrote:
Sending packet: $qOffsets#4b...Ack
Packet received: E01
warning: Remote failure reply: E01

#if defined(__UCLIBC__) && !defined(__UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__)

Is this really Linux, or uClinux?  It seems to be configured as if it
were uClinux, but it looks like Linux.

The target is Linux- Processor is IXP455 (it has an MMU). The rootfs was built with buildroot using uClibc-0.9.28. Perhaps, I've got something misconfigured in buildroot or uClibc then...

I just checked my uClibc-0.9.28 source tree and I can't find any reference to __UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__. So, __UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__ will not be defined for anyone that uses uClibc-0.9.28. Where does __UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__ come from?

ringlej@crossdev:~/src/uClibc-0.9.28$ grep -r __UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__ .
ringlej@crossdev:~/src/uClibc-0.9.28$ grep -r __UCLIBC__ .
./libc/stdio/vfprintf.c:#if defined(__UCLIBC__) && !defined(__UCLIBC_HAS_FLOATS__)
./libc/stdio/_stdio.c:#ifndef __UCLIBC__
./libc/stdio/_stdio.c:#endif /* __UCLIBC__ */
./libc/sysdeps/linux/common/ssp.c:#ifdef __UCLIBC__
./test/dlopen/test1.c:#ifdef __UCLIBC__
./test/dlopen/test2.c:#ifdef __UCLIBC__
./test/dlopen/dltest.c:#ifdef __UCLIBC__
./extra/locale/tst_nl_langinfo.c:#if !defined(__UCLIBC__) && 0
./README: #ifdef __UCLIBC__
./include/features.h:#define __UCLIBC__ 1

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