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Re: (Not) debugging STL

 > > > Do gdb have some scripting language? If yes, would it be possible to
 > > > implement a macro that simply iterates 'step' while we are in a file
 > > > under /usr directory?
 > > 
 > > GDB's current scripting language is not good enough for this.  I hope
 > > to add a more powerful one this year.
 > Then, my next idea is to use the gdb interface of emacs. It should be
 > trivial to do a lisp function doing this, but I couldn't figure out how
 > to do that.

I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you're trying to do, but if
Daniel says it can't be done in GDB, then I dont think it can be done in
Emacs, as Emacs can only use the output that GDB gives it.

 >             For example how to obtain the file name of the currently
 > debugged line in emacs/gud/gdb?

This bit is straightforward: Emacs 21 uses --fullname option (although it is
hidden to the user).  For example, try:

gdb --fullname `prog'
(gdb) start

from the command line, then step a few times.  You'll see the current line,
that Emacs uses, get printed out.


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