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Re: Improving GDB for multicore and embedded system!

Dominique Toupin (QA/EMC) wrote:

Ericsson is staffing the GDB/MI DSF reference implementation.
Part of the work done by Ericsson will be to identify GDB limitations
for multicore and embedded system.
The GDB limitations will be discussed at a workshop May 14-18:

It would be great if peoples from the GDB community can help identify
GDB limitations for multicore and embedded system.
If you want to attend the workshop May 14-18 or want to give inputs on
GDB limitations you can contact me via e-mail.
I think many companies need those GDB improvements and are willing to
put resources if we have a clear picture of what needs to be done.

P.S. DSF (Debugger Services Framework) is an Eclipse framework and GUI
made for embedded system, you can find more info at

Dominique Toupin

Hi Dominique,

We at STMicroelectronics are also interested into multicore debugging.
Our toolsets and for embedded developers, we just started to read what is DSF and how we can take benefit of it, how we can contribute to it as well. WindRiver, who invested a lot in the new debug model of Eclipse (DSDP/DD groups) is going to have a solution for it's own debugging technology but as far as I know, there is no GPL solution today.

Today multicore debugging means multiple instance of gdb running at the same time. I don't know how possible it is to enhance gdb so that it can handle multiple programs running on different architecture.
I guess Daniel should have a good vision on that.

Denis Pilat

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