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Re: gdbmi.el not working with emacs 22

 > > I'm not sure that Bill has the latest gdb-mi.el from CVS.
 > I downloaded 1.11 from the CVS web interface:
 > But it does indeed seem to be different from the version you sent.  Is
 > the web interface to CVS not showing the latest?

I don't know what you got but I'm pretty sure that I sent you 1.11.

 > > I think some of the problems come from the versions of the gdb and emacs
 > > executables.  So I have privately sent him the latest gdb-mi.el as it
 > > might just work (as an update to Emacs), although it's probably unlikely.
 > No it didn't fix the problems.  Debugging with cygwin's gdb 6.5.50
 > seems the same.  Breakpoint display works, but current line does not.
 > BUT -- I just tried this -- it seems that cygwin's gdb 6.5.50 doesn't
 > work with regular M-x gdb and --annotate=3 mode either.  So maybe
 > there's something else going on there, like line-ending conversion
 > problems.

This excerpt from gdb-ui.el might be relevant. (I think Windows doesn't have
ttys but uses pipes instead).

;;; Windows Platforms:

;; If you are using Emacs and GDB on Windows you will need to flush the buffer
;; explicitly in your program if you want timely display of I/O in Emacs.
;; Alternatively you can make the output stream unbuffered, for example, by
;; using a macro:

;;           #ifdef UNBUFFERED
;;	     setvbuf (stdout, (char *) NULL, _IONBF, 0);
;;	     #endif

;; and compiling with -DUNBUFFERED while debugging.

 > Or not.  FWIW, here's the console output of cygwin's GDB 6.5.50:
 > --------------------------------

 > ----------------------------------------------------
 > And also FWIW here's what MinGW's gives:
 > ------------------------------------------------------

I think these differences are due to version changes in GDB, not cygwin/MinGW

 > Anyway, is there concise spec for GDB/MI anywhere that a developer
 > trying to implement a the interface can follow?

Yes, under GDB/MI in the GDB manual.


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