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Re: gdbmi.el not working with emacs 22

 > >  > However M-x gdbmi with the default command-line did not work
 > >  > properly.  It is able to debug, but the decorations don't show up in
 > >  > the margin.
 > >
 > > Emacs 22 has probably changed too much in CVS in that time.  It *should*
 > > work with latest GDB (6.6) but I don't know if MinGW has such a build.
 > No 6.2.3 is the latest snapshot.  So you suspect 6.2.3's MI output is
 > to old to work with the current emacs code?  

Yes.  MI is under development too, that's why I included gdb-mi.el in GDB
- to keep up with the changes.

 >                                              I'm not sure what you
 > mean by Emacs 22 changing too much.

Emacs 22 still hasn't officially been released although you may have got
a pretest tarball, or possibly a snapshot packaged for a ditribution such
as Debian. 

 > Does that mean my emacs is too
 > new or too old?  Or my gdb is too old or too new for it?

Probably just your gdb as your emacs is much more recent.

 > > Please don't file a bug report.  It does says in the file that it's under
 > > development, but perhaps it should carry a stronger health warning.
 > It says this:
 > ;; This mode acts as a graphical user interface to GDB and works with Emacs
 > ;; 22.x and the version of GDB with which it is distributed.
 > Which sounds like it pretty definitively does work, as in has been
 > successfully tested with Emacs 22.  So maybe that should be worded
 > with a little more uncertainty.

OK, well current gdb-mi.el says it's developmental.

 > > If you want an easy life then use the mode in Emacs 22.  If you want to
 > > help develop gdb-mi.el then, welcome!, but you will need the latest GDB
 > > and to post your findings here.  The plan was/is to keep it synchronised
 > > with GDB once Emacs is released.
 > What I really want to do is use the D debugger
 > ( which emulates GDB.  The author
 > is planning to support GDB/MI output, but I can't help him get ddbg
 > working in emacs until I can at least get GDB itself working in emacs.
 >  There's no point in him trying to emulate --annotate=3 output
 > starting from now just to make emacs happy.  GDB/MI is clearly the
 > future and --annotate is the past.  Eclipse already supports it for
 > example and other debuggers will or will soon also.  So if you're
 > emulating gdb for debuggers to use, emulating GDB/MI seems the way to
 > go.
 > The problem with waiting for the next emacs release is that Win32
 > versions pretty much *aren't* released. Ever.  FSF is providing emacs
 > 21.3 from March 2004 as the  "latest" version on their web site.  The
 > version of Emacs 22 I've got is from some individual who was fed up
 > with that and decided to make his own.

Emacs 22 should be released shortly.  You can get prebuilt binaries
e.g (I guess by `make his own'
you just mean `build' - this shouldn't be too hard from the CVS repository
at Savannah.

 > So any hints about where I should focus my debugging efforts to figure
 > out how to make gdb 6.2.3 + gdb-mi.el + emacs work together
 > nicely?

Sorry, without a more recent version of gdb you're pretty much on your own.
FSF GDB can do this:

* GDB can now be configured as a cross-debugger targeting native Windows
(mingw32) or Cygwin.  It can communicate with a remote debugging stub
running on a Windows system over TCP/IP to debug Windows programs.

Maybe that does all you need.


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