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Re: gdbmi.el not working with emacs 22

Thanks for the speedy reply, Nick.
Responses inline below:

On 3/1/07, Nick Roberts <> wrote:

I'm glad to hear that this works with MinGW.

 > However M-x gdbmi with the default command-line did not work
 > properly.  It is able to debug, but the decorations don't show up in
 > the margin.

Emacs 22 has probably changed too much in CVS in that time.  It *should* work
with latest GDB (6.6) but I don't know if MinGW has such a build.

No 6.2.3 is the latest snapshot. So you suspect 6.2.3's MI output is to old to work with the current emacs code? I'm not sure what you mean by Emacs 22 changing too much. Does that mean my emacs is too new or too old? Or my gdb is too old or too new for it?

I'd like to try to help get it working by tinkering on the elisp side,
but some hints about what to look for would be nice.

 > Is this a bug, or a known issue, or what?
 > Should I file a bug report?

Please don't file a bug report.  It does says in the file that it's under
development, but perhaps it should carry a stronger health warning.

It says this: ;; This mode acts as a graphical user interface to GDB and works with Emacs ;; 22.x and the version of GDB with which it is distributed.

Which sounds like it pretty definitively does work, as in has been
successfully tested with Emacs 22.  So maybe that should be worded
with a little more uncertainty.

If you
want an easy life then use the mode in Emacs 22.  If you want to help develop
gdb-mi.el then, welcome!, but you will need the latest GDB and to post your
findings here.  The plan was/is to keep it synchronised with GDB once Emacs is

What I really want to do is use the D debugger ( which emulates GDB. The author is planning to support GDB/MI output, but I can't help him get ddbg working in emacs until I can at least get GDB itself working in emacs. There's no point in him trying to emulate --annotate=3 output starting from now just to make emacs happy. GDB/MI is clearly the future and --annotate is the past. Eclipse already supports it for example and other debuggers will or will soon also. So if you're emulating gdb for debuggers to use, emulating GDB/MI seems the way to go.

The problem with waiting for the next emacs release is that Win32
versions pretty much *aren't* released. Ever.  FSF is providing emacs
21.3 from March 2004 as the  "latest" version on their web site.  The
version of Emacs 22 I've got is from some individual who was fed up
with that and decided to make his own.

So any hints about where I should focus my debugging efforts to figure
out how to make gdb 6.2.3 + gdb-mi.el + emacs work together


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