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Re: usability: exiting from GDB

John Pye wrote:
I did try this, but not with a suitable examples, perhaps. For example,
I was thinking of:

kompare &

Also note
wget &

There is no confirmation request in these case, although I'm not completely confident on drawing the distinction between these and the 'cat &' case that was given.

As the programs that I tend to be working on are often like this, I
hadn't really notices the 'stopped jobs' warning.

The examples you give are not stopped jobs. They are background jobs.

'cat &' starts cat and then tries to put it in the background, but it doesn't like that so it stops (I'm not sure what mechanism stops it). Other programs are less fussy - they will run in the back ground quite happily. When the shell quits, they continue running, still in the background.

Try this instead:

bash$ kompare
bash$ <Ctrl-D>

The Ctrl-Z stops (pauses) the foreground job. By this mechanism you can reproduce the effect with any program that does not have special SIGSTOP handling.

Sorry if I sent you a slightly less than general case example.


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