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[rfc] "reset" / "create-inferior" commands

Some time ago I asked about name choices for a command which would create a
new process, or restart an existing process, without running it.  I've
already done the GDB internals work for such a command; the only reason I
haven't added one already is that I couldn't come up with a name.

Here's what it should do:
  - When doing native debugging, it should fork and exec the program,
    and run until the command shell execs the real program (if necessary).
  - When connected to a remote embedded board, it should send the "restart"

That corresponds in both cases to calling target_create_inferior but not

I haven't seen a good name which works for both scenarios.  The best idea so
far comes from Paul Brook - if we call the new command "reset", it's
accurate for boards, and not terribly awkward for native processes.
Alternatively, we could add two names for the command which did the same
thing ("create-inferior" or "create-process" as an alias for "reset").

[I would actually have picked "restart" over "reset", but that's taken for
checkpoints.  We could still steal it and use "restart checkpoint 1" for
checkpoints, if others think restart is preferable to reset.]

Any comments on this name?  I keep wanting the command, so I'd like to find
an acceptable name, and then I can go ahead and implement it.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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