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Re: restart for remote target

Daniel Jacobowitz schrieb:
On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 06:19:51PM +0200, Efim Monyak wrote:
I delete all breakpoints before load the applications again because my Hardware supports only two
breakpoints. In other case I receive error from GDB. The load is multistep. In one of steps I must set
an breakpoint to particular address and only one way I found to put it away is command delete all breakpoints.
As I see no command deletes breakpoint on address. Use breakpoint to source line is not very good on this place.

"delete *0x3000000" should work.

Also, it sounds like you want "disable", not "delete".

Yes, is where a possibility to save breakpoint state (number, enable or disable) before disable
breakpoints and apply it after enable?
Because after "disable" command the information about breakpoint state is lost. They all are disabled.
I must do it by GDB script.
Or is it possible to define an array as long as maximal possible number of breakpoints?
I don't found a maximal possible value for $bpnum.

It is not possible for stub restart the application. They are often problem if a remote target is used.
As I wrote set PC to start address works not properly if i.e. interrupts are enabled.
If application runs from RAM it is lost after Hardware reset.

The only handy way I see is to reload application set all used breakpoints and start it again.

In many cases the stub can handle all of this automatically, manually disabling interrupts et cetera.

stub receives command "insert breakpoint" for all enabled breakpoints before program step or continue and
"remove breakpoint" after program stop.

stub don't know breakpoints to be used on the next program step or continue.

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