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Re: restart for remote target

Daniel Jacobowitz schrieb:
On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 06:54:09PM +0200, Efim Monyak wrote:
symbol-file reset.elf

If you want to use symbol files, you're out of luck. When you change the symbol file you're going to mess up all your breakpoints.

You might be able to get things to work by not changing the symbol

Thanks, without line "symbol-file reset.elf" I have no more error
&"Error in re-setting breakpoint 3:\n"
&"No line 120 in file \"../src/main.c\".\n"

but still
156^error,msg="Warning:\nCannot insert breakpoint 6.\nError
accessing memory add\
ress 0x0: Unknown error 4294967295.\n"

Only after I use "tbreak * 0" ensteed "b * 0" and "delete * 0" it works. Possibly delete * 0 don't working for GDB with ARM remote target. I see Z0,0 command to stub after this breakpoint must be deleted by delete * 0, it is a third breakpoint and it is an error for stub because only two breakpoints are allowed.

The lines "symbol-file init.elf"   and "b end_init" are not changed and
they make no problem. Is the error depend for particular breakpoint type?
I mean breakpoint to address is handled in other way as i.e. breakpoint to

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