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Re: restart for remote target

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 06:19:51PM +0200, Efim Monyak wrote:
> I delete all breakpoints before load the applications again because my 
> Hardware supports only two
> breakpoints. In other case I receive error from GDB. The load is 
> multistep. In one of steps I must set
> an breakpoint to particular address and only one way I found to put it 
> away is command delete all breakpoints.
> As I see no command deletes breakpoint on address. Use breakpoint to 
> source line is not very good on this place.

"delete *0x3000000" should work.

Also, it sounds like you want "disable", not "delete".

> It is not possible for stub restart the application. They are often 
> problem if a remote target is used.
> As I wrote set PC to start address works not properly if i.e. interrupts 
> are enabled.
> If application runs from RAM it is lost after Hardware reset.
> The only handy way I see is to reload application set all used 
> breakpoints and start it again.

In many cases the stub can handle all of this automatically,
manually disabling interrupts et cetera.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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