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Re: How about remote MI?

GDBRUI( is not like TUI. I
think It like MI. MI support a PIPE interface. GDBRUI support a TCP/IP
interface to other program. So the program that is in another machine
can control GDB via TCP/IP.
So I think maybe I can do some work to make MI support TCP/IP
interface. How do you think about it?

On 7/16/06, Nick Roberts <> wrote:
 > > gdbserver supports TCP.  You can control a remote program using MI and
 > > gdbserver.  MI is a formal interface for use by front ends.  I'm not sure
 > > that gdbrui, as you describe it, fills the same role
 > >
 > MI is an interpreter.
 > GDBRUI is an interpreter too.
 > interps.c

TUI is an interpreter too, but it's not a machine interface like MI.  I think
you have said that with GDBRUI the user still interacts with the command line
which makes it sound more like TUI.  You may have done something brilliant and
single handedly written an interface that is better than MI, but you don't
currently have mind share.  I think if we are to follow what you have done,
and what you want to achieve, you have to take things in smaller steps.  What
advantages does GDBRUI have over MI?  One or two simple examples would be good
to start with.

-- Nick

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