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Re: How about remote MI?

On 7/15/06, Nick Roberts <> wrote:
 > In May, I release GDBRUI( that
 > is an interpreter to make GDB can be controlled by the other programe
 > through TCP. But some people ask me why not extend MI to support TCP.
 > Now, I think this idea is cool. Does GDB MI support TCP? Maybe I can
 > extend MI to support TCP. How do you think about it?

gdbserver supports TCP.  You can control a remote program using MI and
gdbserver.  MI is a formal interface for use by front ends.  I'm not sure that
gdbrui, as you describe it, fills the same role

MI is an interpreter. GDBRUI is an interpreter too. interps.c

 > BTW, I am trying to make vim2gdb (An vim plug-in to make vim can debug
 > code through GDB. It use GDBRUI in before.) support MI. But the MI
 > output format is not very easy to parse. Could some people recommend a
 > programe or example that parse the MI output for me? If not, I think I
 > will use lex to parse it.

I think the idea is that the front end parses it directly.  Generating an
intermediate langusage just adds to the complexity.  If you think MI can
be improved then please make suggestions.

My means is that I need parse MI output in other programe.


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