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Re: mi_load_progress question

On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 06:46:16PM +1200, Nick Roberts wrote:
> I have no experience with remote debugging, so I can only suggest that it's
> consistent i.e have progress reporting for all cases or turn it off completely
> (I don't know how useful it is or why it should only exist in MI).

There's similar output from the CLI including speed and section name.

> If the answer is yes, I suggest something like the patch below.  Unless I'm
> missing something mi_load_progress only gets called in MI.  I would like to
> make similar but more fiddly changes to mi-interp.c, removing
> mi`N'_command_loop, N = 1,2,3, and just using mi_command_loop.

You're wrong; take a look at the URL from my message.  If you
type "load" at the MI prompt, the hook remains installed, but we get
called while the CLI is temporarily active.  Doing this will probably

You can test this using gdbserver; "load" isn't useful with gdbserver,
but if you load the same binary gdbserver started, it works well enough
to test "load".

Daniel Jacobowitz

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