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Re: Update configure in tk/tcl/itcl

> > The last three src subdirectories that still use the old autoconf 2.19
> > are tk, tcl, and itcl.  This patch is to update the autoconf used by
> > those subdirectories. 

> > Ok for checkin?
> Steve, did you ever get any response from this patch?  I don't want to
> let the autoconf upgrade get stalled.  I think it's reasonable to go
> ahead and commit this if none of the Insight maintainers explicitly
> object.
> -- 
> Daniel Jacobowitz
> CodeSourcery

I got a reply from Keith Seitz asking if I had write permssion to the
repository of if I wanted him to commit the patches.  I told him I did
have write permission but that I was heading off to the GCC Summit and
did not want to do the checkin and then go off line for several days.

Keith, have you done anything with the patches?  Should I check them in
now that I am back?

I also got a reply from Ben Elliston letting me know that sid depends on
Tcl because it has a tcl bridge.  This was in reply to my claim that
insight was now the only tcl user in the src tree.

Steve Ellcey

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