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Re: Tensilica would like to submit an XTENSA GDB patch

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 03:59:20PM -0700, Maxim Grigoriev wrote:
> Hi,
> My email addresses GDB maintainers.
> I merged GDB Tensilica local changes with GDB 6.5, and it works fine. 
> We'd like to submit XTENSA port and start monitoring it. It would 
> benefit both us and our customers. Once in while, Tensilica tried to 
> submit an XTENSA port, but it didn't work out for some reason.
> So if this is possible can somebody among GDB maintainers start working 
> with me, please ?
> I'll probably need a short instruction or a reference to the right 
> document describing how to submit GDB patches.

You've already been referred to the CONTRIBUTE file; it's fairly
useful.  You can also find lots of examples in the mailing list
archives for the gdb-patches mailing list.

One of the most important things when submitting a new port is to start
by submitting each fix to the generic (target-independent) portion of
GDB, with an explanation of why it is necessary.  If you just post a
single large patch, no one will be interested in reviewing it.

We're always short of maintainer time, but we do the best we can
to see that patches get looked at.

> And, question: If I succeed with submitting XTENSA port, should I become 
> a maintainer for the XTENSA-specific code ?

If you intend to continue maintaining it, then yes.  If not we probably
would reject the contribution.  It's of no use if no one is keeping it
up to date.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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