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Re: MI: event notification

We don't do what Nick's suggesting. We do do something similar for shared library notifications - we emit async notifications for shared library load events from gdb so Xcode doesn't have to stop on solib events & get the shlig list. Similarly if a shared library load causes a pended breakpoint to get loaded we tell about that as well.

But we don't do anything for stack changes. Note, except in the case where you have gotten stuck in some kind of pathological recursion, I would be surprised if it's consing up the stack list for the MI that takes a significant portion of the time, so I'm not sure this example isn't a false optimization. But anyway, we don't do that.

Most of the notifications we use are to tell Xcode what's happening during -interpreter-exec, so it can keep the UI in sync with the console.

On Jun 20, 2006, at 7:32 PM, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

If they can give me a few clues that will be great, but I only want to trawl
through the code in Darwin, like I did for the asynchronous stuff, as a last
resort. I am hoping that this will be an easier nut to crack.

Yes, I know that Jim was planning to list off their MI changes for the DMI workgroup, at some point.

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