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Re: Patch: Remove src/blt, src/iwidgets, src/mmalloc directories

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 12:45:55PM -0700, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> Here is an additional patch to add to my earlier patch that removes the
> blt, iwidgets, and mmalloc directories.  It change the CVSROOT/modules
> file to remove iwidgets and blt from the all-naked-tcl key and to remove
> mmalloc from the sid key.  I left mmalloc under the old-gdb entry, it
> had already been removed from the regular gdb entry.
> OK to check in?  How about the original patch to remove the directories?
> I am still looking for approval of that patch too.

> 2006-04-25  Steve Ellcey  <>
> 	* CVSROOT/modules (all-naked-tcl): Remove naked-iwidgets and naked-blt.
> 	(sim): Remove naked-mmalloc

Careful of formatting: period at the end of the second line, wrapping
in the last column of the first line.

I think this patch is right, and the original patch to remove the
directories is fine.  Does anyone object?  Steve, would you still like
someone else to handle the CVS gruntwork?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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