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RE: gdbserver on OS X -- abandon all hope?

On 18 April 2006 06:31, Bill Burgess wrote:

> Hello,
> Four years ago the question of gdbserver on OS X came up here, but
> with no joy.  Hoping that surely this situation had changed I
> downloaded the source today, but gdbserver will still only configure
> for Linux targets.
> I guess it must be hard or someone would have done it by now?  What a
> shame, I can compile for my ARM target under Eclipse in OS X but it
> looks like Windows/USB-JTAG will be necessary to debug it.  On the
> other hand perhaps it will save me a bundle as there's no point in my
> getting ARM's newly-gdbserver-compatible RealView ICE JTAG adapter.
> And no, there's nothing at Apple regarding gdbserver except blindly
> copied FSF documentation.  Not a single hit in the Apple discussion
> forums.  And nothing I can find anywhere on Tiger OS X 10.4.  Now, in
> fact there are gdbserver sources located at Apple:
> src/gdb/gdbserver/
> ...but the configure.srv file lists only Linux targets.  Probably
> blindly copied (like the documentation) and never built.
> Is it time to abandon all hope?
> Thanks,
> --Bill

  Sorry, can you just clarify something:  if you're cross-compiling for and
debugging an ARM target, why would you need to configure gdbserver for OS X?
As far as I understand it you run gdbserver on the target and would only need
to run plain old gdb itself on your Mac.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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