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gdbserver on OS X -- abandon all hope?


Four years ago the question of gdbserver on OS X came up here, but with no joy. Hoping that surely this situation had changed I downloaded the source today, but gdbserver will still only configure for Linux targets.

I guess it must be hard or someone would have done it by now? What a shame, I can compile for my ARM target under Eclipse in OS X but it looks like Windows/USB-JTAG will be necessary to debug it. On the other hand perhaps it will save me a bundle as there's no point in my getting ARM's newly-gdbserver-compatible RealView ICE JTAG adapter.

And no, there's nothing at Apple regarding gdbserver except blindly copied FSF documentation. Not a single hit in the Apple discussion forums. And nothing I can find anywhere on Tiger OS X 10.4. Now, in fact there are gdbserver sources located at Apple: src/gdb/gdbserver/

...but the configure.srv file lists only Linux targets. Probably blindly copied (like the documentation) and never built.

Is it time to abandon all hope?


William C. Burgess, Ph.D. Senior Research Engineer Greeneridge Sciences, Inc. 6060 Graham Hill Road Stop F Felton, CA 95018 Tel: 831-335-9600 Fax: 805-967-7720

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