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Re: MinGW status for readline

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> 1.  Readline 5.1 currently fails to build for MinGW, in tilde.c.  The
> problem is:
>       dirname = glue_prefix_and_suffix (user_entry->pw_dir, filename, user_len);
> I've just moved the else branch inside the #if defined (HAVE_GETPWENT),
> from just below.  With that change, readline builds.  Here's the patch:

Thanks, though that patch introduces a memory leak.

> 2.  The changes in the handling of multi-key sequences cause control to
> return to GDB between \0340 and the following 'H' (two-character
> sequence indicating an arrow key).  This used to happen entirely in
> readline.  I don't think this is a bug in readline, though it did
> surprise me.  It also broke GDB's select implementation for MinGW32,
> but that's my problem, not yours.

One of the forces driving all of the contextual changes to readline
between versions 5.0 and 5.1 was the desire to avoid blocking reads
that weren't generated by the application.  This is one of those
places.  Even if readline thinks that this is the beginning of a
multi-character key sequence, it will still return control to the

> 3.  RL_STATE_MULTIKEY also broke macros which push multi-key sequences
> into the input stream.  For instance, put this in .inputrc:
>   Control-y: "\e[D"
> Then try to use that.  It works in bash, which does not use callback
> mode; it fails in GDB, which does.  All the other readline-using apps
> I checked on my system don't use callbacks, so I couldn't be sure it
> wasn't GDB's fault, but I don't think it is.

Thanks, I fixed it.


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