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Re: MI working group

I apologize (profusely) for the repeat email.  When I looked at the email in the 
 archives the none of the lines wrapped!  So I wanted to send it again 
 (with <hard> newlines).  
 I have yahoo mail to thank for this :(
 Hello all,
  I am announcing a working group to work on standardizing the MI interface.  
 As you probably know, the interface has shown much promise in being used 
 as the standard interface between debuggers and tools.  It is starting to be 
 used in several key environments and toolsets (i.e., Eclipse, Xcode, etc.).
  As an emerging standard, it makes sense to work on defining a standard for 
 the interface so that debuggers and tools can work together in a coherent 
 manner.  To that end, the Debugger Machine Interface (DMI) working 
 group has been formed. 
  The working group is operating under the Free Standards Group (FSG).  
 FSG's main website is under transition, but we have a presence on their 
 new wiki site.
  Site details:
  The site is
  which redirects to:
  (That'll be after the site launches around the end of April)
  The mailing list is:
  Susan Macchia
  Intel Debug Team Manager

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