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Re: MI: type prefixes for values

Yes, it looks like we added that. Our -stack-list-frames looks like:

553^done,stack=[frame= {level="0",addr="0x00003db0",fp="0xbffff2c0",func="main",file="/ private/nfsroot/Users/jingham/Projects/ManyThreads/main.m",fullname="/ private/nfsroot/Users/jingham/Projects/ManyThreads/ main.m",line="64",dir="/private/nfsroot/Users/jingham/Projects/ ManyThreads/"}]


On Apr 6, 2006, at 10:54 PM, Vladimir Prus wrote:

On Thursday 06 April 2006 20:53, Jim Ingham wrote:

The case I'm not sure about is this:

1. main calls 'a' which calls 'b' which bits breakpoint.
2  varobj is created for local var of 'b'
3. Users says 'continue'.
4. 'b' exists and then 'a' calls 'b' again and breakpoint is
   hit again.

However, this second time it's not guaranteed that stack frame of
'b' is at
the same address as it was the last time -- maybe 'a' has pushed
something on
stack. How do you detect this case?

I said this in another response, but to be clear, Xcode stores the frame_id's from each stack frame when it stops. It holds onto this, and when it stops again it checks this fingerprint against the new frame id's, and the throws away all the varobj's from the point the frame_id's vary on to the bottom of stack. There's no ambiguity if you do this.

Then, Xcode has to get frame_id of the current frame from gdb, right? Where
frame is is (stack address + code address). The code address is readily
available, but I see no way to get stack address. Is that something you've

- Volodya

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