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Re: MI: type prefixes for values

On Thursday 06 April 2006 20:53, Jim Ingham wrote:

> > The case I'm not sure about is this:
> >
> > 1. main calls 'a' which calls 'b' which bits breakpoint.
> > 2  varobj is created for local var of 'b'
> > 3. Users says 'continue'.
> > 4. 'b' exists and then 'a' calls 'b' again and breakpoint is
> >    hit again.
> >
> > However, this second time it's not guaranteed that stack frame of
> > 'b' is at
> > the same address as it was the last time -- maybe 'a' has pushed
> > something on
> > stack. How do you detect this case?
> I said this in another response, but to be clear, Xcode stores the
> frame_id's from each stack frame when it stops.  It holds onto this,
> and when it stops again it checks this fingerprint against the new
> frame id's, and the throws away all the varobj's from the point the
> frame_id's vary on to the bottom of stack.  There's no ambiguity if
> you do this.

Then, Xcode has to get frame_id of the current frame from gdb, right? Where 
frame is is (stack address + code address). The code address is readily 
available, but I see no way to get stack address. Is that something you've 

- Volodya

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