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Re: Time for a new release?

[moving the discussion to gdb (from gdb-patches) as recommended]

> > >        Branch: Apr 3rd
> > >        Pre-release: Apr 5th
> > >        Release: Apr 19th
> Sounds reasonable to me.  I know I have a lot of things coming up
> that I don't want to sneak "under the wire" into a release - I'll
> want to give them a lot of time to settle down.

I have set some time aside to work on this today. Is Apr 3rd still
OK for cutting the branch?

> > >Basically, a first pre-release a couple of days after branching.
> > >And then the first release if all goes well two weeks after, to
> > >give us some time to flush any issue we might find.
> This is a pretty aggressive schedule; if we want the release to receive
> broad testing, I recommend waiting a bit longer.

Would one month be a good duration? I think this is what we did the
last time.

> > >Also, do we want to distribute GDB with -Werror enabled? It's fair
> > >to have us build GDB with -Werror, but I would feel more comfortable
> > >distributing something that's easier to compiler for the end user.
> > >I think this will avoid some traffic from users who don't know what
> > >to do with the fatal warnings.
> I agree.  Maybe some day it will be appropriate to ship GDB with
> -Werror, but I'd rather not do it immediately.

OK. Will post a patch to disable -Werror by default.


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