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obsolete directories in src tree: mmalloc, iwidgets, blt


While looking through the source tree for uses of old (pre 2.5) autoconf
I have found 3 directories that appear to no longer be used; mmalloc,
iwidgets, and blt.  I was wondering if we should delete these

I checked with the insight list (see about blt
and iwidgets and they seem to be ameniable to removing blt and iwidgets.
blt was never used by insight.  iwidgets might have been used, but if it
was it was five or so years ago.  I looked at some of the files under
both blt and iwidgets and there are no insight or gdb tags on any of the

My understanding is that mmalloc is also no longer used but it does have
a lot of gdb tags on the files and it has been in use more recently.  At
the top level ChangeLog I find:

2005-02-08  Andrew Cagney  <>

        * MAINTAINERS: Delete reference to dejagnu/ and mmalloc/ from the
        gdb/ section.  Update GDB's URL.

So I think that is when mmalloc stopped being used.  The dejagnu
directory seems to have already been removed but the mmalloc directory
is still there.

So, should these three directories (blt, iwidgets, mmalloc) be deleted?

My main interest is to be able to tell the GCC list that we can update
libtool because everything in the GCC and src trees is now using
autoconf 2.5 or later.  So if we want to leave these directories alone,
with the knowledge that they are no longer used, that would probably be
good enough for my purposes.  But if they are no longer used, maybe we
should just remove them.

Steve Ellcey

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