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Re: GDB paper for GCC summit: New Commands

> Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:19:21 -0800
> 1) How do "set|show detach-on-fork" and "set|show follow-fork" work
>    together?

Do you mean "set|show follow-fork-mode"?  If so, the answer is in the
manual (in the node "Processes"); if something there is unclear,
please tell what parts need to be clarified.

>                I think this is the answer:  If 'set detach-on-fork' is
>    off, the 'set follow-fork' works as before.  If 'set detach-on-fork'
>    is on, then the  state of 'set follow-fork' determines which for will
>    be the 'current' fork.  Is this correct?

I think it's the other way around: if detach-on-fork is ON, then "set
follow-fork" behaves as it did before: one of the two processes is
debugged bu GD, while the other runs unimpeded.  If it's OFF, then
both parent and the child are under GDB's control.

Again, I think this is stated quite clearly in the manual, so if
anything there sounds confusing, please identify the confusing parts.

> 2) Does the new fork features also work with vfork?

The text suggests that they do, but I don't know if this is correct as
a matter of fact.

> 3) If the name of the main procedure is 'main', is the start command
> equivalent
>    to 'tbreak main' followed by 'run', or is there something subtle
> going on? 

AFAIK, "start" is equivalent to "tbreak main; run".

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