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Can one debug 32-bit x86 images with an x86_64 gdb?

We are starting to port our 32 bit product to an x86_64
platform (RH 4.0 beta2).  Once we have it running as a
32 bit image (still compiled with gcc 2.96) we will start
the slog to gcc 3.x and a full 64 bit port.

Except for the 32 bit gcc which we have had to migrated
-- our code currently includes numerous anachronisms no
longer accepted by the 3.x compilers -- we have been able
to coax the native system tools (bison, ar, ld, etc) into
compliance with our 32 bit build procedure.

Debugging is a different story.  The install gdb image
describes itself as:


It does not decline to debug our 32 bit images yet it
produces total garbage.  Is there a flag or environment
variable that I may have overlooked?  Or is a single gdb
image not intended to fulfill both roles?

John S. Yates, Jr.   508 665-6897 (voice)
Netezza Inc          508 665-6811 (fax)
200 Crossing Blvd.   Framingham, MA 01701

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