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Re: sunday project, gdb, 2003-09-26

mec>     . gdb.cp/classes.exp: print (ClassWithEnum::PrivEnum) 42
mec>         PASS -> KFAIL
mec>         This is a regression in gdb.  The KFAIL is:
mec>           variables in C++ namespaces have to be enclosed in quotes
mec>         This happened with gcc v3 -gstabs+.

dc> GCC 3.3, specifically: I don't see this with 3.2, where it's always
dc> been a KFAIL.  The debug info for stabs changed from 3.2 to 3.3, I
dc> seem to recall.

Same here.  It didn't regress for me with gcc 3.2-7-rh because
it was already KFAIL'ing with that.

dc> Right: at first, I was wondering why you called this a regression,
dc> given that it started out as a FAIL, but it really is the case that
dc> the new output is worse.  (Is there anything wrong with the old
dc> output?  It looks completely correct to me.)

I think the old output is correct and it's just a matter of upgrading
the test script to handle the many variations of 'ptype' output.

Actually we could use some more infrastructure for doing that.
Writing four to six 500-character regexp's for each ptype is
very fragile.

I'll make a "6.0 versus HEAD" regression report a little while after
gdb 6.0 is released.

Michael C

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