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Using gdb with Borland's free compiler?

Hi all,

The subject pretty much states what I want to ask. Is it possible to use 
gdb to debug programs that's compiled with borland's free commandline 
compiler? If possible, how can I do it?

Here's what I have tried so far. I downloaded the latest version of gdb 
source but couldn't figure out how to build it using the borland compiler 
I'm using. The ./configure doesn't seem to work when using a windows 
platform. However, I was able to find a pre-built binary of gbd over at 
the MinGW site and downloaded that instead, but it wasn't the latest 
version though(I believe it was 5.2.1 or something). GDB runs but as it 
stands now, I don't think it can recognize any of the debug symbols 
generated by borland's compiler.

If someone could just walk me through this on getting it to work or on 
how to build it I would greatly appreciate it. This is of course assuming 
that what I want to do is possible. A quick search on the mailing-list 
hasn't turn up anything relating to what I'm looking to do


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