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RE: GDB/ELF/Cygwin source path problem

Hello Kris,

>That worked fine until recent updates in Cygwin (around Sept. 1 2003)
>environment. I now have problems with high level debugging due to that
>the path information in the source files in most cases are missing.
>The problem was introduced by simply updating Cygwin, ie. no changes
>in Insight/GDB.
>(Source paths are typically missing if the source file is located
>in the same directory as the compiler is running, something which
>is what our make system usually does. If the source file is located
>in for instance "../" relative to where the compiler is running, the
>source path is seen. I have checked the ELF file, and source paths
>are included for all files.)
>This is probably related to the symbol reader in GDB. I think that Cygwin
>has changed somewhat with respect to fstat() contents etc.

Try running gdb without the UI (gdb -nw) and see if the problem continues.
If you're ok without UI then it's a tcl/tk problem and you need to have a
at the tcl source (libgui/library ?)


Smile, damn it, smile.

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