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GDB/ELF/Cygwin source path problem

I have been using Insight (with GDB embedded) for a cross target
PowerPC-ELF configuration.

That worked fine until recent updates in Cygwin (around Sept. 1 2003)
environment. I now have problems with high level debugging due to that
the path information in the source files in most cases are missing.
The problem was introduced by simply updating Cygwin, ie. no changes
in Insight/GDB.

(Source paths are typically missing if the source file is located
in the same directory as the compiler is running, something which
is what our make system usually does. If the source file is located
in for instance "../" relative to where the compiler is running, the
source path is seen. I have checked the ELF file, and source paths
are included for all files.)

This is probably related to the symbol reader in GDB. I think that Cygwin
has changed somewhat with respect to fstat() contents etc.

Could anyone please inform me where to look in the GDB source files
for adding some debug printout in order to fix the problem? I
started looking into it, but got lost somewhere in there trying
to grasp all the internal structures.

Best regards

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