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Re: gcc 2 survey

Hi Michael,

On Sep 19, 2003, at 3:10 PM, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:

. Three-line summary

gcc 2: openbsd, netbsd, freebsd, debian, lindows, xandros, lycoris, apple, sco
gcc 3: red hat, mandrake, suse, slackware, conectiva, knoppix, gentoo
gcc 3: hurd, cygwin

Just to clarify the MacOS X platform a bit.

MacOS X 10.1, released around September 2001, uses gcc 2.95.2.

MacOS X 10.2, released around September 2002, uses gcc 3.1, and gcc 2.95.2 is easily available to the developers.

MacOS X 10.3, which will be released some time this calendar year, uses gcc 3.3, with gcc 3.1 easily available to developers. gcc 2.95.2 is also available as an optional install; developers targetting older versions of MacOS X will be using it, but we expect few to use it for current and future development.

We often ship multiple versions of the compiler because our customers may have legacy code that does not compile under the newer compiler versions (particularly with large C++ code bases). But for the most part, we're concentrating all of our development and support efforts to gcc 3.3, and to a lesser extent, gcc 3.1.

And, of course, everything we do is in stabs.


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