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Re: RFC: Two small remote protocol extensions

OK.  I think there's room to add it to something like this, so I'm not
gonna fret about it for now.

>'TID' should be a numeric thread ID, to affect one thread.
>'DISPOSITION' can be:
>  's'
>  'c'
>  'C' 'SIGNAL'

I hope TID is decimal :-)

Hmm, I think it should be more LL1, which the above (and the remote protocol :-) isn't. Something like:


that way someone can later add:


Oh and TID is hex:

     if (strncmp (p, "thread", p1 - p) == 0)
         p_temp = unpack_varlen_hex (++p1, &thread_num);

> by @code{REGISTER_RAW_SIZE}; @var{n...} = @samp{thread}, @var{r...} =
> thread process ID, this is a hex integer; @var{n...} = (@samp{watch} |


Heh, 'c', right.  Any objection to using decimal thread IDs, or would
you rather have 'TID' : 'DISPOSITION' ; ... ?

>A final 'DISPOSITION' is applied to all threads not explicitly listed.
>Note that this Ht is a continue packet, not a select-thread packet.  So
>Ht is not a good choice.


How about, um, "vCont"?

As in:


or "n" for "next"


Main thing is that, the entire leading word must be matched.

The choice, I think, is: a, e, E, f, h, j, J, K, l, L, n, N, o, O, u, U, v, V, w, x, y, Y.

(I should mark [eE] has do-not-use).


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