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Re: dbxread.c:1771: internal-error: sect_index_data not initialized

"Neal E. Coombes" <> writes:
> We modified the patch to do the change at the ?root? of the problem
> instead of in the specific section.  Please let me know if this will
> have any ill effects (since we certainly don't know as much about gdb
> as the rest of you).

(Please post patches in either unified form or context form.  Diff's
default output mode is not useful if the file has changed elsewhere
since the diff was made --- which is often the case here.)

Unfortunately, this revision isn't right.  

Falling back to the .bss section's offset when no .data offset is
available makes sense (sort of) when we're not really sure which
section contains the object whose address we're relocating.  If there
is no .data section, the object certainly isn't there, so it's a
decent guess that it belongs in .bss.

But there are other cases where we know for sure that the symbol is in
the .data section, not the .bss section.  In those cases, if we have
no .data section offset, then GDB is in an inconsistent state, and
should crash.  It's not correct to fall back to the .bss section.

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