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Re: gcc HEAD bad stabs (?)

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 08:17:42PM -0400, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:
>cgf> Hmm.  Have you considered sending email with a subject like "The
>cgf> continual degradation of stabs with gcc" or something like that?
>cgf> I'd do it but then someone would ask for details...
>Well, gcc has a process in place: I file P1 bugs, I mark them as "[3.4
>regression]", Mark Mitchell in his capacity as release manager tracks
>all the regression bugs.  We can't really make other people fix bugs.
>Look to our own house; the number of open gdb bugs goes up and up and

You seem to be discounting the impact of email which summarizes a trend.
Everyone knows that gcc is getting slower and slower, too.  There may
even be bugs filed against that fact.  But often when someone posts hard
facts showing the trend, there is a flurry of interest and activity.  I'm
sure that the gdb community would respond similarly.

Anyway, you asked for suggestions on what you could do.  I responded.  I
certainly know how the free software world works and wasn't suggesting
that we could force anyone to do anything.


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