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Re: vast numbers of unimplemented MI commands.

Bob Rossi writes:
> Hi,
> > I just was looking through the MI commands. Many of them in mi-cmds.c
> are unimplemented. Is this how 6.0 will be released? or will most of
> them get implemented first?

The set of MI commands was decided before there really was any GUI
using them. We thought it would be a reasonable set of commands that
would allow a GUI to do what it needed. We decided to implement them
as the need would arise. It turned out in reality that not all those
commands were necessary.

> Also, how does eclipse interface with MI if so many commands are
> missing? For example, -file-list-exec-source-files returns all of the
> source files that the inferior is made up of. Does eclipse just not give
> the user this info, or would it parse the CLI output?

I am not sure what Eclipse does in this case. You can look at the
debugger plugin code at I suspect that
that information may come from some other part of the Eclipse IDE.

> I am bringing this up because I plan on starting my own MI integration
> and ran into this problem. I would be willing to help implement any of
> these missing commands, but I was just wondering if there is any
> incentive on the GDB team to finish off the task.

6.0 will happen in a week or so.

Hopefully less than that.


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