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Problem with COM1 port from with GDB 5.3 under Cygwin 1.5.3-1

I upgraded my Cygwin installation a few days ago (Thursday, September 4) to the new 1.5.3-1 version, from the previous 1.3.22-1 version.

This broke a self-compiled (under the previous 1.3.22-1 version of Cygwin) version of GDB 5.3 compiled for "arm-elf" that I use.

It seems to me that GDB simply hangs after opening the COM1 serial port when trying to make an "RDI" (Angel Debug) connection.

I have recompiled my GNU tools with the new version of Cygwin but I have the same problem.

I still have my old installation of Cygwin, which still works. From this I know that the problem is not with the target board or the serial port on my PC.

So something has changed in the Cygwin support for serial devices.

I have posted to the Cygwin mailing list, but I thought I would try this list too.

I had noticed previously that GDB would not use a serial port if it was refered to as /dev/com1 or /dev/ttyS0 (it would say and still says that it could not open it), although Cygwin claims to support these names. But it did work if "com1" was used as the device name.

I have looked at the code for serial device access in the GDB source, and it does not seem to make any special allowance for Cygwin. I see in the GDB code (after only a very quick look) some sort of "serial interface discovery" process. This suggests that GDB does not just go ahead and attempt to open the device name. So understanding this code would probably not be trivial.

Does anyone else on this list use GDB in this way? Do you also have problems with Cygwin 1.5.1-1?

Is there anyone on this list with insight into the GDB code for accessing serial ports who might be able to suggest a hack that I might attempt to the code?


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