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Re: [RFC] Register sets

Hmm, yes and no.  That definition of regset is only useful for core
files; I would like something more generally useful, for remote and
native use.  I also don't really like passing the core gdbarch around,
for the same reason.  How about this instead?

struct regset
  void (*supply_regset)(struct regcache *, const void *, size_t, int);
  void (*read_regset)(struct regcache *, void *, size_t, int);

const struct regset *
core_section_to_regset (struct gdbarch *core_gdbarch,
			const char *sec_name, size_t sec_size);

which would then allow:

const struct regset *
remote_name_to_regset (const char *name);

As far as I know, the required lookups are:
foreach REGSET
and not SETNAME -> REGSET. This is so that a request for a single register, or all registers, can be directed to the correct regset. I also think having remote and corefile adopt an identical naming schema should make life easier.

As for the architecture, supply_regset needs this. It might, for instance, be an x86-64 method supplying registers to an i386 register cache.


I should note that I do know of a second way of handling cross architectures (x86-64 on i386 Add a table of cross architecture unwinders and then allow different frames to have different architectures vis:

	x86-64 frame
	<x86-64 X i386>
	i386 frame
	i386 frame
	<ia64 X i386>
	ia64 frame

but that's getting way ahead of many other changes.


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